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Payments and Beneficiaries
Payments and Beneficiaries

Everything you need to know about payments and beneficiaries

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Tips, tricks and steps to register a new payee

Payments II Post-execution

What to do once the payment has been sent

My beneficiary claims non-receipt of their paymentYour beneficiary says that your payment has not hit their account - what should you do?
My payment has been rejectedYou have been informed by your beneficiary that the payment has been rejected.
What is SWIFT gpi?Learn more about this tracking tool
How to read GPILearn how to interpret the information provided by this tool
Bank Charges on PaymentsYour payment arrived short. Who's taken the commissions and how can you try and adjust this?
Possible actions for errors on processed paymentsWhat to do if your payment has been processed but there's a mistake in the details used