A generic email address is one created to allow account login access to multiple users and is consequently a form of credential sharing. These email addresses will often include prefixes such as info@ or admin@ followed by a private email domain (e.g. info@ebury.com).

Credential sharing is a well documented risk, with the most important risks in this scenario being:

  • If the account is misused, it is difficult to assign responsibility to any one individual.

  • When account credentials are shared, they are more susceptible to hacking as the multiple users provide the hacker with more access points.

  • When sharing credentials, passwords are likely to be weaker and changed less often, making the account more susceptible to compromise

In the context of an Ebury account, this poses a major risk when accepting instructions via email. In these cases, if a generic email address is used, we cannot be sure that the sender is actually the authorised contact registered on the account.

Therefore if you currently access your account with a generic email address we strongly recommend you to get in touch with us to update your contact details to include a personal-corporate email address.

Please bear in mind that, for all new accounts, Ebury will require the use of a personal primary email address for each contact that will be added to the account.

Ebury still allows you to add a generic email address to your account as a notification email.

This email will be copied in all communications sent to the primary email address and can be used as a way of keeping track of all Ebury notifications.

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