1. How can I add a beneficiary?

If you would like to modify the bank details of an existing beneficiary, you will first need to contact our Operations team via our Live chat in order to deactivate the existing beneficiary.

This will allow you to create the beneficiary with the new bank details provided.

Also, have a look at our guide: How can I amend or delete a beneficiary?

1. To add a beneficiary to your account, go to ´Beneficiaries´

2. Click on ´+ Add beneficiary´ and select ´Manually´ in the drop-down menu.

3. A pop-up will appear where you can enter the details for your beneficiary. After you’ve entered their details, click ´Save´ and your new beneficiary will be created.

* Would you like to allocate a payment after you have created the beneficiary? Please click here to see the video guide on how you can create a new payment.

2. How do I add an intermediary bank?

When creating the beneficiary, you can add an intermediary bank by ticking the box 'Does this beneficiary have correspondent information?´

3. How do I add an email address to the beneficiary?

If you would like your beneficiaries to receive payment confirmations, you can enter their email addresses during the beneficiary creation process.

1. Tick the box ´Always send confirmation of payment to this beneficiary?´

2. Add the beneficiary email address and save it by clicking the icon: +

3. The email address will be added to 'Emails' and the payee will now receive all payment confirmation emails, when the payments are instructed along with transactions.

4. How do I add a secondary beneficiary name?

If your beneficiary has a trading name that is different from the account holder name, you can add it when you are creating the new beneficiary.

1. In order to do so, please type the Trading name in the field ´Name´

2. Tick the below box ´Does the name of the beneficiary differ from the name on the bank account?´

3. You will then be able to add the account holder name in the bank details section in the field ´Account name´.

5. The system warns me for potential fraud

It may happen that the country of the beneficiary is not the same as the country of where their bank account is located. In these cases, the platform will show an automatic message that suggests you to double-check the bank details with your beneficiary. Because of the increase in fraud cases, we always recommend double-checking the bank details with your beneficiary.

We strongly suggest that they are verified by phone with your usual contact for this supplier. We never recommend following phone numbers associated with email signatures, unless you can verify this is a genuine number.

Furthermore, we also recommend reading the following guide: How to recognize possible Fraud?

If you are sure that the beneficiary details are correct, and you want to continue with the information you have been provided, please click on ´Save´.

6. The system says invalid IBAN

If the system does not identify the IBAN you are using, it can be because it is not complete or incorrect. Please check that you have copied the IBAN correctly. If the IBAN still gives the error, please double-check the IBAN directly with your beneficiary.

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