In order to book a Drawdown from Forward trade, please click on the New trade button in the navigation menu:

or click on the Convert & Pay option on the dashboard:

Then select the Drawdown tab.

Select the forward transaction you would like to Drawdown from, and click Continue.

When you’ve chosen your transaction, enter the amount you’d like to Drawdown in the Sell or Buy field. After you’ve entered the date and reason to trade, click Continue.

You’ll arrive at the Beneficiary page. From here, you can select one or more beneficiaries to make a payment to (optional).

You can either select an existing beneficiary or add a new beneficiary.

Once you’ve allocated all necessary payments, click Continue (or Skip if you have not added any payments).

After choosing a beneficiary, click Continue to confirm the Drawdown.

After confirming the trade, you should receive a confirmation notification.

If you have any problems booking your trade, please email or or contact us via Live Chat.

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