To submit a new request, navigate to the top right of the screen where you will find a ‘New Request’ button. 

When you click on it, a side panel will appear on the screen and prompt you to insert the details of the invoice.

The fields represent:

  • Supplier name - select the supplier you wish to finance a payment to

  • Invoice number - so that we can link the request to the invoice

  • Anticipated payment date - when the invoice is due to be paid

  • Payment terms of the invoice - e.g 30 days, against documents, etc…

  • Goods being purchased - brief description of the invoice goods

  • Quantity - amount of goods being purchased (e.g 30 boxes, 100kg, etc…)

  • Terms of trade - these are the Incoterms (e.g EXW, FCA, FAS, etc…)

  • Payment currency - the currency of the invoice payment

  • Payment amount - the invoice payment amount

  • Deposit Paid - if you have previously paid a deposit on the goods. If Yes:

  • Deposit amount - how much you paid

  • Deposit date - when you paid it

To submit the request, accept the terms of use and click the Submit button. 

You will then be prompted to upload any relevant documents for the request including the invoice, shipping documents, purchase orders, etc... (to make sure we can process the request as smoothly as possible, please follow these guidelines). 

When you click on the ‘Upload documents’ button, you will brought to a separate screen to upload your documents:

Once the request has successfully been submitted it will appear in the Submitted Requests table on the Dashboard.

Create a New Supplier

Click on the New Request button. Under Supplier, select “Add New” where you can fill in the form to create your new supplier.

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