Ebury Online allows permissions to be set per user, giving you full control of what your users can or can’t do with your Ebury account.

The permissions are explained below:


  • New Trade - Book Spot trades
  • Manage Payments - Create and cancel payments, and add payments to an existing trade
  • Manage Multipayment - Create multipayments
  • Drawdown - Drawdown on forward trades
  • Get Paid - Create Get Paid requests and view the history of requests
  • No Permissions (Blank) - View-only permissions to the dashboard, trades, payments, beneficiaries and other pages on Ebury Online

Account Management

  • Manage Contacts - Activate or deactivate the access of other users
  • Manage Beneficiaries - Create, edit and delete beneficiaries
  • Manage Permissions - Manage other user permissions
  • Manage Third Parties - Create third parties for Get Paid

Payment Authorisation

  • Level 1 - Authorise or reject the 1st level of payment authorisation
  • Level 2 - Authorise or reject the 2nd level of payment authorisation
  • Level 3 - Authorise or reject the 3rd level of payment authorisation
  • Level 4 - Authorise or reject the 4th level of payment authorisation
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