Your email spam filters may keep the majority of phishing emails from reaching your inbox, but criminals are always trying to outsmart these controls. It’s a good idea to follow these steps to keep attackers at bay:

  • Keep your software and operating system up to date by accepting updates to ensure you are protected from new security threats.

  • Do not trust alarming messages. Report it as spam or phishing. If a message appears suspicious and contains an attachment, do not open it unless you can verify that the message is genuine.

  • Be cautious of emails that contain embedded links. Ideally, visit websites directly by typing in the URL.

  • Check your social media accounts to see who you’re sharing information with. If your sharing settings are ‘public’ you may be sharing personal information. Be mindful of what you post and who it’s being shared with.

What to Do If You Think You’ve Fallen Victim to Fraud

If you think you have fallen victim to fraud, email and report it to your local law enforcement and/or fraud reporting agency.

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