Please watch the following video or follow the steps below in order to learn how to authorise multiple payments with the payment approval system (N-eyes authorization) at once.

In order to approve multiple payments at once instead of approving them one by one:

Step 1. Go to the ´Payment´ page

Step 2. Click on ´Filter´ at the top right corner

Step 3. Click on ´Payment Status´

Step 4. Click on ´Missing value´

Step 5. Select the first option ´Pending your authorisation´, click on ´Done´ at the bottom and then click on ´Apply.´

Now you will only see the payments that are pending your authorization.

Step 6. Select the payments you wish to approve. Alternatively, if you wish to approve all pending payments, select just one of the pending payments and, at the bottom of the page, click on ´Select all X items.´

Step 7. Click on ´Authorise´ to authorise all selected payments at once

Step 8. Click on ´Authorise´ once again

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