Here’s a short guide to understand how quick and easy it is to send an international payment on Ebury Online:

  1. First click on 'New trade'. 

We have different products to convert currencies and to manage the risk of foreign currencies but if you simply want to exchange a currency select 'Spot Transaction'.

2. Choose an amount to send and the 'Reason for trade'. You’ll need to wait for a few seconds for the system to estimate the rate of the trade and the date when your money should arrive. Then click Continue.

3. Fill in the details of your recipient's bank account in the 'Beneficiaries' page.
From here, you can either select an existing beneficiary or add a new beneficiary.
Alternatively you can continue without allocating the payment at this stage by clicking skip.

3a. If you are adding a beneficiary manually select 'Add beneficiary' and fill out with details and Save. If you have any issues or are unsure please send the beneficiary details to your relationship manager who can add them for you.

4. Once you make sure everything is correct on the 'Confirm' page click 'Get rate'. This will begin a 10 second countdown and the exact rate (on real-time) you will receive will show in the rate box at the top.
If you are happy to proceed click 'Accept'.

Once you’ve accepted the trade, you’ll be directed onto a confirmation page where you can review the details of your trade. 

If you have any other questions or any problems booking your trade, don't hesitate to contact us by sending and email to or calling +44 (0) 2071972421.

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