1. Your relationship manager or any member of the dealing desk can help you book a trade.  A large number of currencies and products can also be booked using EBO, see how to do it here.

2. Once the trade is booked you will receive a 'Transaction Receipt' via email. This will confirm:

  • Agreed rate 
  • Agreed amount 
  • Ebury's settlement account details

If you have allocated the payment to a selected beneficiary you will also receive a 'Payment Instruction' attachment. This will confirm the beneficiary details

3. You now need to action a transfer of funds over to Ebury to settle the trade. 

*If funds are arriving from a 3rd party we may require supporting paperwork to accept the funds. 

Once we have received the funds you will receive an 'Incoming Funds' notification email. 

Please note - All of our client accounts are segregated from our business accounts as per FCA regulation.

4. Once the *maturity date of the trade is reached we will release the payment to the selected beneficiary. At this point you will receive a 'Payment Receipt' via email. If no beneficiary is selected the funds will remain on balance, ready for future use.

 *Maturity date is when payments will release providing the trade has been funded

5. If there are any issues with the trade or if you have any other questions you should contact your relationship manager.

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