A multipayment allows you to upload one file with a number of beneficiaries, payments and currencies in one go.

Click on the ‘New trade’ button in the navigation menu.

To book a multipayment, select the ‘Multipayment’ tab.

Select your base currency, enter you reason for trade and upload your file (in .CSV, .xls or .xlsx format) with your payments. These don't have to be the same currency, and can include new beneficiaries that you haven't yet added onto Ebury Online.

You also have the option of downloading a sample file to ensure you include all of the correct information.

Once you have uploaded your file, click 'Continue'.

Here, you will be able to view any new beneficiaries that have been created from the file upload.

You can scroll down and view all beneficiaries you are making payments to, segregated by currency.

At the bottom of the page,you might see a list of invalid payments with the reason for invalidity attached to it. It will either be: invalid currency, currency not available,or the bank code/country don’t match. If there are missing details, then payments won’t be processed until correct details are uploaded (you can also go back and make edits to the file that you uploaded before).

Once you have reviewed the payments, click 'Continue'.

You can see the total Sell Amount of your base currency, the estimated exchange rate and the Buy Amount. Click 'Get rate' to continue.

You have 30 seconds to 'Accept' the rate. If you don't click accept in the given time frame, you can 'Get rate' again.

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