In order to create a Fixed Forward, please click on the New trade button in the navigation menu:

or click on the Convert & Pay option on the dashboard:

Select the Fixed Forward tab.

Choose the currency you want to sell or buy using the currency dropdown menu. Enter your amount in the field next to it. You will be asked to select the value date in order to see the available rate:

You’ll need to wait for a few seconds for the system to estimate the rate of the trade.

Once you’ve chosen your Reason for trade you can click Continue.

You’ll arrive at the Beneficiary page. From here, you can select one or more beneficiaries to make a payment to (optional).

You can either select an existing beneficiary or add a new beneficiary.

After choosing a beneficiary, click Continue"(or Skip if you have not added any payments).

You will then need to confirm the beneficiaries details, and add a payment reference. Once you have reviewed all information, you need to click Add.

You can then review your beneficiary before proceeding. If you're happy with it, click Continue.

You will then be able to view the trade you wish to book. If you are happy with it, click Get rate.

After clicking the Get rate button, you will have a few seconds to confirm your trade.

If you miss the time window, your information will be retained and you can simply press the Get rate button again.

Once you’ve accepted the trade, you’ll be directed onto a confirmation page.

If you have any problems booking your trade, please contact or contact us via Live Chat.

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